Frequently Asked Questions

Are the apartments for Military only?

We lease to everyone who is approved. You do not have to be in the Military, we welcome everyone!

Do you honor the Military Addendum?

Absolutely! With a copy of the addendum and a notice from the first of the month, you are out of your lease without penalties.

Are the prices the same for a 6, 9, or 12 month lease?

Yes! The price is the same for all the mentioned lease terms. We do offer shorter terms for a fee.

What utilities are included?

All utilities are included except electricity, internet, and cable. We are an all-electric property, no gas.

Do we offer furnished apartments?

We do not have furnished apartments, however we have several local furniture stores that offer leasing.

How long does it take to process my application?

Usually, just a few days. However, depending on the Parish/County it could take longer.

What are the requirements for leasing?

You must make 3 times the rent, not owe another apartment complex a balance, no felonies, have a good credit history, and a few other circumstances.


What are the fees to apply?

We only require a $25 application fee for anyone over the age of 18. Once approved, you will be required to pay a $200 security deposit within 3 days. Also, you will get the application fee back as a rent credit once you move in.

What is the pet policy?

We allow pets up to 65lbs with a few breed restrictions. Pets are limited to cats, caged birds, and non-aggressive breeds of dogs. (Aggressive breeds include: Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Bull Dogs, & German Shepards) No reptiles, rodents, insects, or spiders of any kind shall be permitted to be kept as pets. We allow up to 2 pets per household, as the fees are $300 for one pet and $500 for two

What is required for Emotional Support/Service Animals?

We welcome these type of animals with proper documentation from a doctor and training paperwork. There will not be a fee to have these types of animals.

Do you require Home Owners Insurance?

At this time it is not required, but we definitely recommend it.

What is required for a notice to vacate?

We require a 30 day notice from the 1st of the month – always!

Can I use my grill at the property?

We do allow you to grill in your area, just be sure to not do it under the vinyl. Wait for your grill to cool before returning it to your covered porch. We also have on-site BBQ grills near the pool!

Am I responsible for mowing the lawn?

You are never responsible for cutting your own grass. We take care of all landscaping needs!

What is the parking situation?

Every apartment home gets 2 spots, one is covered and one is not. We also have additional parking on every street for anyone to use